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Havoc Shield Trust Verification is secured by Havoc Shield.

This website is secured by Havoc Shield and benefits from a professionally-managed cyber security program, updated regularly to maintain proactivity against new threats.

Production of a CISSP-reviewed professional cyber security plan, tailored to the Client's unique threat model, including best practices, procedures, policies, tools, and infrastructure

Highly-accelerated implementation of cyber security program pillars that closely follow Center for Internet Security (CIS) controls, the industry leading SMB security framework

Inclusion of vulnerability scanning, email security, threat monitoring and mitigation, password / key management tools, and various other high-impact assets through our vendor network using partners such as Keeper Security and Webroot

Audit-ready compliance control completion report attestation of program progress reports

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Careful! It looks like this site is currently not verified with Havoc Shield. This might mean the client has not yet registered their trust mark, or someone could have copied another client’s badge. Contact us if you would like to confirm or have any questions.

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