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Resolve Website Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities Were Found!

We ran a scheduled scan against the hosts (webapps, apis, etc) you registered with us and found one or more that need your team’s attention. The vulnerabilities found have various severity levels from Low to Critical to help your team prioritize their resolution. We’ve included recommendations for how to resolve each vulnerability and included helpful reference material and links to ensure your team can take action quickly. You’ll see this task reappear any time we find new vulnerabilities that need to be managed.


What You’ll Do

    • Review the list of vulnerabilities found, their descriptions, severity, and recommendations
    • Assign vulnerabilities out to members of your team who can help resolve them, and set a re-scan date to confirm the vulnerabilities have been removed.
    • We’ll automatically manage communication out to team members, providing them with steps to take, reminders, and reporting for you.

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