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Organization Onboarding

Welcome to Havoc Shield!

This is a quick, one-time onboarding we need you to go through in order to fully setup your account. This takes about five minutes. Any choices you make here can always be changed later within your account.

If you don’t have time right now, feel free to come back to this later on. You’ll see a banner in your dashboard. Also, If you ever need any help with this or other activities inside Havoc Shield, Security Advisors are available for you! Just click on the blue messaging icon in the bottom-right of any page.


Here’s the four things we’ll do:

  1. Choose your cyber security program policies
  2. Update your system and services profile – we’ve already saved what you told us from your Rapid Threat Test!
  3. Install the Havoc Shield Guidance Assistant browser extension
  4. Review what happens next

After that, we’ll take you to your dashboard and give you a quick tour around.

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