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Individual Onboarding

Welcome to Havoc Shield!

This is a quick, one-time onboarding we need you to go through in order to fully setup your account. This takes about five minutes.

Your organization uses Havoc Shield to keep both them and you safe online. We give you cyber security resources and technology usually reserved only for large companies, and make it easy to use for everyone. You can think of us as another benefit alongside what you’re already provided.

Inside, you’ll find useful tools like anti-virus and malicious website blocking downloadable¬† on both personal and organization computers, data breach monitoring (both personal and professional), interactive training, and email security tools to easily verify messages are safe to work with.

From time to time, your organization will come up against threats and need you to take action. We may also detect you specifically have been targeted, or are subject to a policy designed to provide better defenses across the team. When any of those things happen, we’ll alert you and walk you through exactly what to do.


Here’s the five things we’ll do in about five minutes:

  1. Scan your network for any vulnerabilities we can help resolve
  2. Update your “Systems and Services” profile
  3. Install the Guidance Assistant browser extension
  4. Review your organization’s cyber security program policies
  5. Review what happens next

After that, we’ll take you to your dashboard and give you a quick tour around.

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