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Implement an Updated Acceptable Use Policy

by Jan 26, 2020

One very important aspect of security is how technology resources such as the company network, computers, or project management and other collaboration tools are used. This policy lays out key points that cover the secure use of these technology tools and resources.

Even if you already have this policy at your organization, we’ll provide you with a more comprehensive document tailored to the services you use and the resources you now have given previously completed modules. This ties in all of the work we’ve done so far, and sets company expectations.

Here’s what we’ll do in this module

  1. Generate a customized Acceptable Use Policy
  2. Assign a “Policy Magistrate” – who will be listed in your policy manager as the person anyone with questions should reach out to.
  3. Ensure the modules that provide the capabilities this policy requires have been completed, or that the tooling required otherwise exists.
  4. Distribute the policy electronically to your team and track their individual acknowledgement of the policy into a downloadable audit record.

This module will become available 60 days from your Action Plan creation date

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