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Implement an Incident Response Team & Policy

by Jan 26, 2020


Effective security is a team effort, and everyone has a crucial role to play. Things will go wrong and we need to be ready for security incidents.

We’ll help you stand-up an Incident Response Team, organize them, give them the tools they need to investigate suspicious activity, and respond.

The included policy details the actions you’ve taken in preparing for security incidents, approved responses, and can be used, in essence, like a game day playbook, when an incident occurs.

Here’s what we’ll do in this module

  1. Identity and organize the internal Incident Response Team
  2. Provide training and tools associated with incident discovery and investigation
  3. Produce and help you run through a practice incident
  4. Generate a customized Incident Response Policy
  5. Distribute the policy electronically to your team and track their individual acknowledgement of the policy into a downloadable audit record.

This module will become available 60 days from your Action Plan creation date

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