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What & Why

Email is, by a wide margin, the most successfully targeted vector for attacks against your business and customers.

Email-borne threats like malware, phishing, and scams targeting small businesses are increasingly sophisticated, and without a reliable, consistent resource to help review suspect messages, employees are far more likely to fall victim to expensive attacks.

With Mail Armor, manual “is this safe!?!?” email reviews are a thing of the past, while the whole team gets super-fast automated decisions on suspect messages with a high level of confidence.

How It Works

Real simple: You just forward an email! We give you an email address to communicate to your team and they send it anything that looks fishy. We’ll scan it and then send them an email with a message on whether it’s safe to work with or not within a few minutes.

Details on Mail Armor Scanning

Mail Armor uses several open source and proprietary methods to scan suspicious emails your staff send. We expose the results of this scanning within the Reviewer Portal. Here are some of the scans we perform on each suspicious email:

Suspicious email scan details
Message Element Scanning Performed
Sender (Who the email is from)
  • DKIM, SPF, and DMARC enforcement status
  • Address presence in spam and malicious activity blacklists
  • References to sender address in search results and registered to social media sites
  • Free and disposable email service provider status
Sender domain name (the website behind the sender)
  • Domain existence (defeats fake domain senders)
  • Age of domain registration
  • Domain reputation
Links in email content
  • Existence of phishing content at linked website
  • Viruses, malware, trojans, ransomware, spyware presence at linked website
  • Contents inside linked compressed archives like .zip and .gz files.
Message attachments
  • Existence viruses, malware, trojans, ransomware, and spyware
  • Contents inside linked compressed attachments like .zip and .gz files.

When & How Often

    • You’ll set up Mail Armor once in this module. It takes about five to ten minutes.
    • Your team can forward emails as often as they like. The service will scan the emails, and will automatically reply within five minutes as to the safety of the message.

Who’s Involved

    • If you’d like to set up an alias instead of sending it to a “” address we supply, you will need someone with access to your email productivity suite administration, such as GSuite.
    • Anyone from your team can use this service simply by forwarding a suspicious email, no login required.

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