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Automatically Patch Computers & Servers

Keeping the computers your team uses and the servers hosting your assets is key to ensuring both passive and active attackers can’t easily exploit a vulnerability in the operating system or software packages you use. It’s not easy though, with lots of patches and updates cluttering your notifications and, worse yet, silently remaining unpatched and insecure.

Havoc Shield Patch Manager takes care of the work of keeping computers and servers updated automatically, and delivers a report to you weekly.

Here’s what we’ll do in this module

  1. Configure your patch and update preferences – Day and time windows, operating systems, etc.
  2. Roll out a lightweight and secure update agent across organization computers and, optionally, servers
  3. Communicate the update patching process to your team so they’re aware of it
  4. Start the update process and review your first report

This module will become available 30 days from your Action Plan creation date

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