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Activate Threat Watch

by Jan 14, 2020

Threat watch is a free and powerful part of the Havoc Shield Toolset

What & Why

Regularly monitoring and proactively responding to new threats is the best way to avoid a costly breach, and is also a requirement of almost every regulatory compliance and enterprise security framework in use today.

We regularly scan the internet, darkweb, and other sources, looking for threats to your company and vulnerabilities in the services and infrastructure you use. When anything critical is found, we’ll alert you with brief details and more information about the source, attack volume, etc.

We also, when possible, develop and add defensive modules into your action plan that mitigate or nullify the threat. These modules can be activated with our paid plan, but you’ll receive the full catalog of threat monitoring and alerting capabilities free forever.

When & How Often

    • You’ll complete the onboarding process once to activate Threat watch next. This takes about five minutes.
    • Once a month, we’ll email you to ask if you’ve signed up for any new services or began using any new infrastructure that we should monitor for threats on your behalf.
    • When there is a Threat Watch Alert, we will email you ASAP. We’ll then follow up with the mitigating module as quickly as possible, usually within a few hours.

Who’s Affected

    • Any Group Leader you’ve invited to your team will receive Threat Watch alert emails. All users on your account, Group Leader or not, can read and activate mitigating modules within the application.
    • Some threats require the efforts of a group larger than those you’ve invited to Havoc Shield. All employees with accounts on a breached service for example. If you need to engage those people, we’ll make it easy to notify them and provide instructions through the mitigating modules.

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