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View a sample alert and resolve it

This will take you about 3 minutes

You’ll find a sample Threat Watch Alert below. Feel free to read the full details, where you’ll find the mitigating module (also an example), as well as a section to create notes and resolve the alert.

There are three important alert categories. We’re only showing you one here. The categories are:

  1. Services & Systems You Use
  2. Scams, Hacks, Malware, and Ransomware
  3. Threat Model & Profile Updates

You’ll find descriptions of all three in the Toolset -> Threat Watch section, accessible from the top navigation after this module is completed.

Feel free to play around with the sample alert and resolve it from within the full details.

Click on the “Mark Complete” button below when you’re ready to continue.

Services & Systems You Use

The companies, services, software, and systems you use experience threats and vulnerabilities often. When we see information that could threaten the security of your business, we’ll send you an alert and provide details here.

We’ll also let you know if any of the services you use have been the subject of a data breach, and help you mitigate the impacts proactively.

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