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Toolset: Generate Data Security Policy

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Havoc Shield Toolset

The second type of mechanism you’ll find inside your action plan is a toolset mission. Toolset missions introduce you to the catalog of specially-built tools which “take jobs off your hands”.

Tools you’ll have access to, and which are designed to save you time and money, include:

  • Professionally-written cyber security policies and procedures
  • Continuous threat monitoring and assisted mitigation
  • Vulnerability scanning for your applications and step-by-step fix / patch recommendations
  • A service for your employees to email suspicious emails / attachments and receive guidance on their legitimacy and safety to open
  • … more every month …

Let’s use a tool now!

One of the most important parts of your cyber security program is ensuring everyone understands how to work within it, and what the rules, guidelines, assets, and risks are.

Mishandling data can come with huge consequences both financially and on your reputation.  Let’s generate a Data Security Policy which covers how employees, contractors, etc. should handle company information.

Later on in your action plan, we’ll help you communicate this policy to your company, track acknowledgement through our distribution and compliance portal, and allow you to implement several other policies. For now, we’ll just show you one!

Average working hours saved by tool in the toolset

Fill and Generate

Step through the couple of questions below, and we’ll take care of generating your first, and most important cyber security policy for you.

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