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Module Mechanisms

This will take you about 5 minutes


We’re going to get right into showing you all you have to access. As a first example, we’ll show you our Side-by-Side mechanism. After that, we’ll help you:

  • Generate a tailored cyber security policy using your new Havoc Shield Toolset
  • Get a quick demonstration of how to roll out technically complex security elements across your company with the click of a few buttons through ourĀ  endpoint automation feature-set
  • Invite team members who can help you concurrently execute on your tailored action plan, and respond to new threats.

Havoc Shield Two-Factor

We’re going to start with your Havoc Shield account. This Side-by-Side session will help you configure two-factor authentication for your account here in a few very quick steps.

Side-by-side sessions are a feature we use to guide you through more complex processes, including taking actions on other services.

Let’s see it! When you’re ready, click the button below to begin your Side-by-Side session. You’ll see a thin Havoc Shield window appear over this window. Follow the instructions there.

[sbs_launcher external_url="" external_name="Havoc Shield Profile" next_step_url_fragment="missions/side-by-side-how-to-enable-two-factor-on-havoc-shield/" exit_url_fragment="missions/toolset-generate-data-security-policy"]