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Automation: Endpoint Security

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Automated Missions

The second type of mechanism you’ll find inside your action is an automated mission. We’ve brought through several capabilities in which securing your company assets is “as simple as clicking a button”.

In upcoming modules, we’ll help you setup things like operating system patch management and disk image-level backups which can save you from serious vulnerabilities and malware. The setup takes a little time, but then like this module, you’ll be able to fully automate the process across your entire staff.

Try it out…

This is just an example where we’re pretending as if you’ve already rolled out the computer agent we include that enables you to activate important security measures across your endpoint devices.

  • Time it takes to do this automatically 5% 5%
  • Time it takes to do this manually 100% 100%

Configure and Automate

Select which policies you’d like to enable across your company-owned devices, and click the “Activate policies” button.

Company Devices

Device Name OS Last Logged In User Status
Rswanson-Desktop Windows Ron Swanson ONLINE
Aludgate-Laptop Linux April Ludgate ONLINE
Lknope-Laptop Mac Leslie Knope ONLINE

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