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{Company name as you\’d like it to appear in your policy:6} Employee Handbook


Values and Mission Statement

{What are your companies values and mission statement?:15}


General Employment Information

Hiring Policies

{What are your companies hiring policies?:16}

Payment Schedule

{What is your companies payment scheduling?:17}

Part Time Hours

{What is your companies policy on part time hours vs. full time hours?:18}

Overtime Pay

{What is your companies policy on overtime pay?:19}

Break TimesĀ 

{What is your companies policy on break times like lunch breaks?:20}

Leaves of Absence

{What is your companies policy on leaves of absence?:21}

Performance Reviews

{What is your companies policy on performance reviews?:22}

Safety and Security Procedures

{What is your companies policy on safety and security procedures?:23}

Resignation and Termination Procedures

{What is your companies policy on termination and resignation procedures?:24}


Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Laws

{What is your state\’s laws on Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment:25}


Standard of Conduct

Dress Code

{What is your companies dress code policy?:26}

Drug and Alcohol Usage Policy

{What is your companies policy on drug and alcohol usage?:27}

Ethics Policy

{What is your companies ethics policy?:28}

Personal Technology Use

{What is your companies policy on personal use of company technology?:29}

Social Media Policy

{What is your companies social media policy?:30}

Data and Customer Policy

{What is your companies data and customer policy?:31}

Accepting Gifts from Clients

{What is your companies policy on accepting gifts from customers?:32}

Conflict Resolution Policy

{What is your companies policy on handling conflict resolution?:33}


Employee Benefits

Paid Time Off

{What is your companies paid time off policy?:34}

Retirement Benefits

{What are your companies retirement benefits like?:35}

Insurance Benefits

{What are your companies insurance benefits like?:36}

Training Benefits

{What are your companies employee training benefits like?:37}

Other Benefits

{What other benefits would you like to outline?:38}


Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement/Conflict of Interest

{What is you companies policy on NDA/Confidentiality/Conflict of Interest?:39}


Disciplinary Policies

{What are your companies disciplinary actions?:40}



{Please create a disclaimer that states this is not a contract:41}

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