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Backup codes: If you loose your phone and still need to get into your account, you can either ask another administrator to give you a temporary code, or you can use one of your pre-generated backup codes.

  1. Download and save a set of backup codes by clicking on the “set up” link under the “Backup codes” header on the Google page.
  2. We recommend printing these out and putting them somewhere safe, like in a drawer at home or a locked cabinet at work.

Remove your cell phone as an MFA option: Getting your MFA codes text messaged to you is convenient for sure, but it’s also unsafe. Attackers have often been able to convince cell phone carriers to do perform what’s called a “sim swap” on your account by pretending to be you. It still happens quite a bit today, so we don’t recommend keeping this as an option, even though Google asks you to set it up as a default.

  1. If you’ve successfully setup another MFA mechanism, remove your cell phone number by scrolling up and clicking on the pencil icon next to the “Voice or text message” header.
  2. Click on the red “Remove Phone” button.


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