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Authenticator app method

If you already have a two-factor app such as Google Authenticator or Authy, we recommend using one of those.

  1. Open your two-factor app and scan the barcode with your phone
  2. Enter the passcode generated by the app and click the “Submit” button
  3. The page will refresh and the barcode will disappear
  4. Check the “Enabled” box and the “Primary” bullet next to that row
  5. Click on the “Update Profile” button

Backup Methods

You might notice that you can check the “Enabled” box next to more than one row, but only select one “Primary” row. The primary method is what we’ll ask you for first upon login. If you don’t have access to that method, you can use a backup.

Check the box and follow the above configuration instructions for any methods you’d like to use as a backup. It is okay to not have any.

If you get locked out, you can always reach up using the chat badge in the bottom right!

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